dont care you want ur D*ck sucked

ok, im going to try to be as politically correct about this as i can. First i would like to start by saying I have absolutely nothing against gay/bi-sexual people,in fact I've experimented myself. What do I have a problem with at the moment is a group of Men ages 25-70 that meet on the the dirt path big enough for a truck and is attached to PUBLIC park to Give/receive blow jobs in the bushes... not even Woods people.. behind bushes! For one maybe you are all exhibitionist and i think that's great! but I shouldn't have to worry about walking my dogs at the park at 10:30am on a Sunday morning and fear having to interrupt 2 or more men in the bushes.. not to mention the gay porn mag pages and condoms that are littered all around. Why not meet at someones house and have your orgy's there? what it seems like to me is that some of you are living double lives and are hiding all of this from your Wives/girlfriends/families.. or that your trading blowjobs for drugs... either way relocate please. —just go somewhere else

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