Men are behaving like assholes?

While I agree with your reaction to those men you met on the street; I do think your title is missing one very important word "Some". Some men behave poorly, Some women behave poorly also. BY throwing us all into one category, you become the same bigoted type of person that you criticize.

Halifax is a wonderful city with all sorts of people in it. Mostly nice open minded and kind but, I can't help but wonder if you were seeking out idiots when you walk down a "so-so" area of Halifax on your way to a pub and think that there wouldn't be a few dangerous people lurking about. It almost seems like you were looking for a confrontation. I like the North End hipsters haven but it is an area that blends in with some sketchy people.

I know in a perfect world that you should be able to travel anywhere and do what you like but, this is the real world and I worry about you when you put yourself in these situations.

If I was in your life, I would beg you to be a bit more aware of your surroundings and less concerned with finding ways to man-bash.. —Just a guy

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