So so sad, but true....

Ok, if the phrase "get a life" ever applied to anyone, it's to the 3 absolute fools, in the truest meaning of the word, I just unfortunately sat beside on the bus coming from Dartmouth.

Ya, I get it. People live all kinds of lives, and make all kinds of choices. I'm just a blue collar guy, minding my own business.

But when these 3 start to open their mouths, it's nothing but the stupidest bullshit. Bragging about all the time he sits watching youtube videos on pickpocketing. Thinks he's so clever, and bragging about almost dying from crack, and laughing off how they keep kicking him out of rehab, and the two dumb bitches sitting there with the same kind of crap. I'm serious as serious gets. You have no life, you are a literal waste of skin. Sucking up air that real people could use, just so you can get to that doctor appointment, and try to scam him for pills. Yada yada fucking yada. I've lived a less than perfect life, and if that is what you actually can live with (how is anybodies guess), that's your business. But don't for one second think that ANYONE else on the bus that could hear you, thinks exactly like I do.

Totally stupid to advertise your asinine behavior to the world. Much less sitting right next to a bunch of small children and their teachers. Way to go. Like I said, and everyone within earshot is saying......

Grow the fuck up, grow a pair, or at the very least, shut the fuck up in public. If you ever get caught by the cops, from what I could see. You would be singing like a fucking canary! Or is that rodent? —Thank God for my car.........

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