It's a hate crime waitng to happen

Okay someone needs to stand up for the smokers; I'm tired of seeing people treated harshly for their life choice. Yes we can go over the usual anti smoker slander of it kills, it stinks, butts all over the ground ect. And yes you have some valid points there, however it is still a choice and we live in a society that is "free", with that in mind where do you anit-smoking uppity douches get off degrading another human being for choosing to enjoy a cigarette from time to time? You think because you don't that raises you to some god like authority on what is right and wrong? Now I know some smokers out there can be just as ignorant non-smokers by smoking in bus shelters, in public parks, or even close proximity to children and to them I say shame on you. I am a smoker and I have zero complaints on having to stand a few feet away from these areas to have a puff. But if the wind blows my smoke in your direction don't you come over to me all red faced and ranting like a lunatic about how "I'm killing you with my bad habit". We all have our vices for all I know you could go home and shove a hot curling iron up your arse because that’s how you unwind after a stressful day. To sum up we "smokers" are not out to get you, we don’t want to kill you and if the smell of cigarette smoke bothers you, wear a hazmat suit outside. We are people too and we have the right to smoke as much as it’s your right to not smoke. Stop treating smokers like outcast minority. If it’s not right to do it to other races or sexual persuasions, how is this any different? what will it take a mob of Non-smokers beating a smoker to death? I hope not. Can't we all just get along? —Second class citizen because of second hand smoke

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