Wrongly Accused Fraud Fugitive

Let’s paint a scene, early Monday morning I’m running late scurrying up Windsor Street to catch a bus across the bridge. To see if I can gain a few minutes, I hop on a bus that happens to be passing by.

The bus driver asked to have a closer look at my bus pass, after which I am accused of fraud in front of a packed bus.

The bus pulled over while a call was placed to verify it. I have a unique one because I travel on the MetroX bus to the Airport to and from 5 days a week since the bus route began a year ago (that’s $1200 I've given the transit system).

The MetroX pass is blue and another color which changes with the month like any other bus pass.

This bus driver did not recognize (shouldn't she?!) it and accused me of counterfeiting it. I visibly upset and now late for my connection and subsequently work refused offers of fellow passengers to pay my way, I only planned on taking the bus up the street after all and I pay $100 a month for that pass. Money that is hard earned I can assure you. I felt like I was being held hostage, she said I could leave without my pass, but as its worth $100 I stayed in sight of it, the people she called returned with the answer that the pass was "blue" meaning my blue and green pass was a fake. I can't be sure what else was said but she eventually gave me my pass and I quickly exited. Perhaps it was my distress or the distress of the 30 or so now late commuters behind me but she let me go. Feeling like a fugitive as I ran to a second bus, the driver again questioned my pass, but did not question my explanation. As I traveled across the bridge I heard myself and my pass being discussed on the radio.

On the way home which was thankfully false accusation free I read an article about the crack down on fake passes. If Metro Transit is worried about pass fraud maybe they should educate their drivers on what ALL possible methods of payment look like, I’m pretty sure there are only 4 options Student, Adult, Link and MetroX. Have examples at the wheel for them to compare with, is this really an issue?!

Please stop making me pay $100/month to be treated like a criminal! —Ms. Treatment

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