Neighbour woes

I get it you deal from your apartment. I try not to pay attention to your coming and goings, but it is hard. You slam your apartment door all hours of the day and night. Your customers lay on their horns for some drive through service from your window facing the driveway.

You have some sketchy toothless old guy who yells a lot about getting his next score and fishing, and now you've started fighting all hours of the day and night with your girlfriend/wife. Seriously dude, can you respect the others who live around you just a little bit? It's bad enough the hallway reeks of pot and more recently burnt plastic, now I feel like I am in the spin off apartment version of the Trailer Park Boys with the constant yelling and partying.

I've tried being nice and knocking on the door, even pounding on the door over the music to ask if you can keep it down, you can't be bothered to answer. The landlord doesn't seem to do anything. Why can't you be like other dealers and try to cover up your business by at least being quiet? —Looking for a new apartment once this lease is up

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