Drivers: you're supposed to stop at a crosswalk

This weekend my partner and I were attempting to cross the road at a crosswalk. We pressed the button, waited for the lights to flash, the sounds to chirp, and began crossing. You, in your van, decided that you could drive through the crosswalk. In doing so, you were oblivious to us crossing and all other traffic in the intersection. You almost hit a woman in a car who was going to make a left turn after we had passed. You honked your horn at her, made some gestures, said some indecipherable things. The three of us knew you were in the wrong, and my partner and the driver made it very clear that you could have caused a serious fucking situation in that intersection because of your inability to follow the rules of the road. When I recognized it was you, I wasn't surprised -- this sort of half-wit action isn't surprising coming from someone as infuriatingly illogical as yourself. Pay attention. You're supposed to stop at a crosswalk. —safety first

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