You can't be serious!

Ok, had to take a couple trips by plane over the last couple weeks. Cost quite a bit to fly, and I know the cities I'm going to have decent transit systems, that come right to the airport. Right up to the terminal buildings. So I'm thinking, oh great Halifax has finally got a bus out to the airport. Cause paying $40 for a cab right now is really tight. $3.25 is doable. Well imagine my surprise (not really, this is Halifax we're talking about here!) when for one, the bus shelter is one of those little tiny ones, that has a bench two people can sit on. And of course it isn't even by the building. Hell, you can't even see it from the building! Halifax has the nerve to call this an international airport, but yet they put a shelter so small 2 people and their bags would be crowded. The first day I returned, this "shelter" had about 10 people all crowded around the outside of it. Thankfully it was a decent day. All this week it's been raining. Lot's of students etc traveling, who have to rely on affordable transportation. So their "welcome to the fair city of Halifax" is to basically say, go stand in the rain and wait for the bus. Un-fucking believable! And the other real shining aspect of this great advance in our transit system. My flight gets in at 12:30 am, and the last bus was at 12:15! Ok, downtown, movies are over, restaurants closed etc by then. So city buses it makes sense to scale back, but again folks, what part of INTERNATIONAL airport don't they understand? Flights come and go all night. I, and a few others all had to sit there and wait till 5:30 am for the next bus! It is these kinds of so called services that truly make me embarrassed to say where my home town is. And everyone is talking about how Halifax is supposed to be a boom town now... what a joke. And the really sad fact, is that someone in the city or transit department, who I'm sure never take the bus either, really think they deserve a pat on the back for this. Think again. And the biggest kicker, there is a huge glassed in smoking shelter, right close to the building! Message being, we care more for our cleaners that want a smoke, than we do for any traveler coming into this city. It comes down to the old saying, "show me, don't tell me." Well what does that show visitors to Halifax....really? —So tired of this so called city!

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