Equality—the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank or ability

Dear insane fish, who believes himself to be the most knowledgeable fucking MAN that ever existed but is, in fact, a sexist piece of shit: How dare you tell me you understand the meaning of equality and "believe" in it, and then continue on in the same sentence to tell me that you think women are too emotional to hold high-powered positions in politics and business? You told me that NO woman is capable of logical thought processes because she has a uterus. And that NO woman could succeed in politics because of her emotional instability due to the fact that she has ovaries. And then so gracefully shared with me your thoughts on Hilary Clinton and that she is "good" in politics because she is beyond child-bearing years and that her husband gave her all the information she needed to be successful in politics. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? At this time I point out to you that what you're saying is incredibly offensive and inaccurate since there ARE high-powered women in politics and business—not to mention that I am a woman who is more successful than the man that you are—and you tell me that I'm too emotional about the topic and that what I'm telling you is not valid. Yes, right, yes—giving you examples of what you insist doesn't exist makes me irrational and emotional—right, yes—sure—prick. How far can one's head be stuck up their own ass? You believe in inequality and that men are better than women. I believe that it is men like you that perpetuate the cycles of hate in our society. Get fucked you smug prick. —Emo feminist bitch ;)

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