You were that friend who used people to get stuff. You were also that friend who, on a whim, adopted a pet and then decided you couldn't keep her anymore. After i took her in, you decided to start publicly insulting me and ignoring me when i asked you why. Which is this little manipulative game you play when life gets boring. You gave me a hard time for participating in charity work "because if your regular job still pays you for that day, it's not really charity and my heart was in the wrong place" - yet when i asked you if you wanted to join in and help feed the poor, you disappeared.

You do this to people every once in awhile. When your life is too calm, you choose one person to fuck with and manipulate the hell out of them. You put them on blast when they've done nothing. If you have the energy to do this, why don't you just get a job? You say you have a heart condition. But drama is not good for a heart condition. It's not good at all. And sitting around all day plotting revenge for some imagined slight is going to kill you. The only difference is, none of us give a flying fuck anymore.

After someone does for you everything that me and my friends did to help you, to turn around and treat any of us like that is inexcusable, manipulative, abusive and childish. You will not have an opportunity to do this again. You've just been excommunicated, my dear. ---Fed Up

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