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I read the bitch section every other day and there are a few bitches that repeat themselves over and over...I think this may be a new one. In the remote communities of the North the cost of food is crazy...I found a FB page that was designed to make people of the "south" aware of how high the food prices are. They post grocery store pictures and the location so the people of the north can compare the costs between them. Shipping costs are the reason their food costs are so high. The government "tries" to help by subsidizing health food items but it is not enough. I have read stories about mothers who don't eat for a few days so their children will have food. The pictures show named brand items, which I don't buy just because it is expensive and they only have two options. So on top of their expensive shipping, they have to pay for name brand stuff to boot. This is a very sad situation and made me think of a few different things. 1 - What if our shipping costs in the "south" were like that, how would I survive? 2 - What can I do so I don't have to rely on grocery stores for food? and last buy not least 3- Why do I buy the things I do? Question #3 made me think about all the items I buy at the grocery store, how much I spend in total a year on food. What am I eating and why? Holly H Christ... 2/3 of the food we eat is modified in some way to produce at a rapid rate to fill all those boxes, bags and cans...and yes even fruits and vegetables. There is a huge company out there that believes in GMO seeds to grow veggies, to make them "round up" resistant so they will produce no matter what chemical is sprayed on them. This is what we are eating people, nothing that comes from a grocery is going to add years to your life. This is why there is peanut allergies, ADD, Celiac disease...does anybody wonder why these diseases plus many more are cropping up since the early 90's. Does anyone have any idea how or what is put into their meat....do some research, that is all I can say. —Find A Local Farmer


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