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I live it a neighbourhood where the houses are close together. I consider myself a good neighbour and am very conscious of how close our houses are and what type of effect my actions could have on my neighbours. It's just the way I am. In the 10 years I've been in the house we have never had any complaints. I believe in live and let live but where is the conscientiousness? I'm sick of my new neighbours that have their fire pit going all evening. In the evenings I open my windows happy to have some relief from the blistering heat we've had all day. That relief only lasts a few seconds though because their smelly ass smoke ends up wafting through my house and makes it unbearable to have my windows open. I LOVE a good campfire. I'm not sure what they are burning but it smells like ass.

I have asked them if they would holding off on their fire pits on occasion and even brought over some beer only to get told to fuck off and that it's their property and they can do what they want. Some people's children... —Time to move

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