You're NOT helping our mother!

My sister is an idiot for convincing our mother to get another dog so soon. The place where our mother lives seems unsafe electricity-wise (lights ALWAYS flickering, things will temporarily slow down or temporarily shut off)! Our mother NEEDS to find another, safer apartment. Easier done without a dog right now. She also gave our mother a cat with feline leukemia! The cat hates my sister's son and, if I know him well enough, it's because he probably abused the cat!

Not only is it a new dog to our mother but it's also a pure-bred and already 9 years old! Now she'll post on Facebook how she was such a princess and helped our mother get a new dog after her other one just passed away... IDIOT! You are NOT helping our mother IDIOT! I hope all of your friends see this because they wouldn't think you are such a princess if they knew you like I do. I don't care who sees this and don't call me because I will NOT answer the phone and don't go bawling to our mother!!!! GROW UP!

Am I angry??... YES!!!! — "Friends coma and go... family's forever." How fucking unfortumate!!

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