Share the Road!

I would like to apologize to the piece of shit human who decided that my turning left on a light was too slow and therefore decided to pull out and around me (as I was about to go, mind you).

I realize that your massive pickup truck and need for a fucking double double is ultimately more important than putting little ol me on a bicycle in danger, but it is actually the law to share the road. I highly doubt you would have done that had I been an actual motorized vehicle, and I am very sorry for following you and calling you out calmly on this behavior in the parking lot.

I would also like to apologize for not taking your flippant arrogance so well and unleashing a tirade of truly profane language on you and showing you my middle finger. I am actually embarrassed by this behavior as it gives all cyclists a bad image and I do try and be as courteous and respectful as possible. Next time I will remember that "you can't fix stupid", take a photo of your license plate and give the lovely local police a phone call.

P.S. Fuck you and I hope your coffee spilled on your lap, asshole. —Sorry I'm Not Sorry

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