Your financial information is at risk

Hey there Haligonians,

I've recently been made aware of something and I think many of you might be interested or concerned.

It's come to my attention that a certain well known financial institution has decided to outsource their customer service to a certain well known craphole third part local call centre. This means that if you are a customer, people making little over minimum wage will now be serving your needs, and having access to your name, address, phone number, bank account info, SIN numnber, financial info such as how much you owe on your house, your car, your personal loans etc.

I don't know about the rest of you but this makes me pretty uneasy. I know first hand what it's like to work at these places, this particular place, even. To sum it up, it sucks. It's THE worst craphole call centre of all the craphole call centres, I've worked at all of them. That's why turnover is sky high. Not only is this bank cutting corners at the cost of their customer's satisfaction, but they are putting you at a higher risk of being a victim of fraud or identity theft. You think it's all that unlikely that someone working at a crappy job for $11 and change per hour, no benefits (they only kick in after 12 months which is WAY longer than most people stick around) is going to try and steal some valuable info? I'd say the chances of something like that occuring definitely increase when the job all the sudden sucks and pays crappy. When I call the bank, I want to be talking to someone employed by the bank. I don't have a big problem with outsourcing, I myself work for a 3rd party call centre, but I deal with stuff a lot less sensitive than people's bank accounts and loans, and I make more than these banking representatives are making. It's not like these guys at the bank are hurting for money, they are cutting corners at their customer's expense, I am going to be taking my business to a bank that has the sense and the decency to pay their employees a decent wage (I was offered a call centre job with one of their competitors that started off at 30k/year + benefits) so that their customers' info is safe and their customer service is of a high quality that 11.40 per hour can't buy. I contacted them to voice my displeasure and they quoted their service agreement that gives them the right to be cheap greedy POSs. —Taking my money elsewhere

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