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I cannot believe this. I am more than a little offended by The New Mayor’s recent behavior. I personally take offense when people dress up as women, not only is he putting women down, but he is also making a mockery of real transgendered people. All he is doing is sending a message that women are a joke and transgendered people are a joke. Now he can laugh with his buddies and make fun of people in front of the entire city. Is this just his way of securing the gay/lesbian/transgendered vote? To me that’s a bit disrespectful and way too politically conniving and vulture like. I would have loved to see Fred from Fred’s Salon as new Mayor. He has class, he loves this city and he is an example of a successful gay man who is not only a thriving entrepreneur who has great ideas and would actually bring about change for this city. He would show this city that Gay men are not a joke.

Another reason I take issue is the Mayor’s belittling the Chris Brown situation. Clearly this is a very complicated issue. We don’t care if this makes you sick. You make us more than a little sick because you sit on your little red high chair at City Hall waiting for someone to invite you out to cut a ribbon. What have you done for the Black Youth of Dartmouth or Halifax youth in general? Have you done anything to condemn the rampant violence in Halifax at all????? What about the continuous murders of Youth, (young men and women in HRM that go unsolved. Have you set up a task force? Are you doing anything to console their families? I know the answer is NO. Why because you are too busy making appearances on Breakfast Television, asking the world how much they missed you or pretending to be Brad Pitt on You Tube.

Guess what? Halifax does not need a clown, we need actual government to help and empower our Youth. I am a person who has worked directly with youth of all races and I feel that with a lot of care and concern and guidance they have a lot to offer this city. With a joke like you running this City we are turning into another Detroit!!!! Do Something Mr. Mayor. Or else get off your high horse. —4REALCHANGE

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