The Phone

This a commentary Bitch, hope you like it!

A family of three, Mom and Dan, and the Son, are on there way to Christmas Dinner at the Mom's folks place. They get there and ring the doorbell. The door is answered by the Boys' uncle and let's them in with warm welcome. The second the boy see's the Christmas he makes a run for it, finds a box with his name on it and tares the wrapping off. Inside. A shinny new cell phone. He runs to his day to show everyone, and asks, his uncle where the nearest outlet is and plugs it in. When the phone is halfway charged he turns it on. Looking questionably at the phone and proclaims,"there's no bars. I can't text my friends!" His Grandfather tells him," We are to far in the country to get a single here". So the boy plays with the phone until the battery runs ut. He proclaims,sadly,"My phone's dead! How am I suppose to tell my friends about my new phone!" Granddad tells him there is in the kitchen he can used, so they go and Grandma joins them with a smile. The boy stood silent staring at it and says, " Can i text on it?", and his Granddad nods and walks over to the phone. While picking the phone he puts a finger in the hole with number one. The boys looks at the granddad, wonderingly,"I! can...text...on...THAT!" The Granddad nodes again and says, " It just takes a little long." -The Laughing Man

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