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Regrettably, I work for a payday loan store within the HRM. This is out of necessity, as it goes against my moral code to be a cog in corporation that preys on societies less fortunate.(I guess I could put myself in this category as it only pays 11 bucks an hour.) I was in a jam, and desperately needed an income and this was the only piece of shit job I could find at the time. I have been actively searching for new employment ever since.

It's a business that's obviously booming due to our current economic situation, therefore I see a lot of different people from all walks of life. Some good, some bad. Generally, I can sympathize with many of these people. Most of us are living pay to pay with little savings, so when incidentals arise there aren't many options other then getting caught in the never ending payday loan cycle. (thankfully not me just yet)

TODAY HOWEVER, a spectacularly atrocious, cheetah clad dumpster hoe, with a face that looked like Babe Ruth threw a knuckle ball at while her skull was still developing walked into my store. This was the second time she had been in that day( I wasn't there the first ) She'd been declined for lacking the proper credentials. This time she was back with an entitled vengeance. I kindly invited her back to my desk after she made several snide remarks pertaining to the quality of service she'd received prior.(her own problem) Whatever. I shook them off, and we continued.

I began to explain how we issue loans. (cheques, and over priced pre-paid credit cards) After I kindly explained that that the credit card wouldn't be worth her while due to her $200 pay from Tim's, she says "Well what the fuck do you want me to do, if the banks are closed?. Never mind, just give me the fucking card. I have like three kids, so I get over $1000 in baby bonus plus welfare"...(born in '91 btw) I then asked her if she had a fucking attitude problem, and told her if that was the case to get her nappy ass out of the store. Taken aback she rants "FINE, I'LL JUST GET MY DAD TO LEND ME THE MONEY. and by the way he owns LIKE half the building I WILL be making phone calls and your ass will be fired!! (do me the favour) I don't take shit from no one!!".

You sure do take a lot of dick from everyone. NASTY SHIT BAG BITCH.

Why do I go to worK? —Works For Her Baby Bonus

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