Seaview Park/Africville Park

Once a year, Seaview/Africville Park closes its gates to the dog owners who use the off-leash park every day & year round to host the Africville reunion. The reunion used to be a weekend event, but is now a weekly event. No problem. Wait... yes there is a problem. If you drive by Seaview/Africville right now, you will see a dozen cars/ trailers parked and driven inside the park on the grass and its trails. There is a HUGE parking lot... Right. At. The. Gate. Why on earth are people being allowed to drive inside and harm a CITY OWNED green park with their vehicles? Is the one minute walk from the gate to the green space to far to walk?

There is a sad history for the park, everyone knows this. But why are these disrespectful people harming and ruining the park they want to reclaim so badly?

As a dog owner who uses the park regularly, I know that historically, after these yearly reunions, there are deep tire trails left in the grass, broken glass, food waste, garbage left behind. The city has to go in and spend a few days afterwards to do a cleanup of the park, but that clean up does not remove all of the broken glass and small garbage/food waste left behind - the dog owners themselves go in after and attempt to remove these items before a dog is injured.

The chicken bones and broken glass left throughout the park (sometimes hidden!) afterwards is what really burns my ass as us park users know a select few at these reunion events do this very intentionally as there has always been a dispute over this wonderful historic area being used as an off-leash dog park.

Frankly, I think a dog park is a wonderful way to make use of the land and the park. The dog owners are respectful, keep the area clean and pick up our pups waste. We try hard to ensure the park stays in a useable state because we don't want to lose it. If the reunion event attendees could do the same, everyone would be much happier.

Everyone can use the park- and we all need to be respectful of it. —Regular park user and dog lover

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