Politely asked to leave

So I have been on a vast spiritual journey exploring all options, recently I attended a Pentocastol church in the area and after asking these three questions was politely asked to leave.

1)If an individual is a Schizophrenic and he or she is a great person however one day has a psychotic break down and does a terrible act due to his or her condition does he or she go to hell?

2)If an individual is the medical textbook definition of the term retarded(terrible term I am aware) he or she can not form words, recognize their own face, and is incapable of understanding the concept of Christ does he or she go to hell?

3)If a person has a massive brain tumour and can not control his or her own actions does he or she go to hell?

Not really a bitch, not reaallyy a love just want to know peoples thoughts. —The Bing

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