Admit it, you wish you were me!

I write a status on facebook the other day about how happy he makes me. And you, BITCH, comment: aw, it's a shame you need a man to make you happy and complete!

Like, what the fucking hell? Am I out of the loop or something? So if any woman lucky enough to find the guy who is PERFECT for her, shows any sign of how ecstatic she is about that, it means she's needy and would be miserable without said guy??! Nah, I don't think so. I was happy when I was single, I'm just even more happy now that I met him. Okay? And what a freakin surprise, you happen to be single. Jealous that you haven't met the right guy? Yup, probably. Women like you make me realize how enriched my life is. You hide behind this Proud-to-be-single persona and make fun of any woman who actually wants (NOT needs!) a lifelong bond with another person, when deep down you're bitter because nobody wants to be with you!

PS. I deleted you. I don't need depressed twats like you keeping tabs on me! —Living the dream with my man

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