i'm in line too

we came in through the door together. i held the door open for you, i think, or you held it for me. one way or the other, you noticed me. there were four of you and one of me. then before the food orders of the first of your group could finish being taken, there were five of you. then six of you, giving your orders to the girl way ahead of you in line. all of the sudden, i wasn't there anymore. it's lunch break. i get it. you're in a hurry. SO AM I.

transmitting your order to the front in order to jump the line isn't different because you weren't the one physically standing at the cash. you're still unfairly jumping the queue. in full view of everyone, no less. you have successfully ensured that there is no longer sufficient time for me to place my order, for the staff to prepare it, take my money, and for me to eat it, in the time that remains. the staff knew what you were doing, but felt compelled by the "customer is always right" ethic, that they chose not to make your friends wait until after i was served. i'm a regular. they could tell i was annoyed, especially when i left without buying anything.

i know it's a groovy restaurant. i know it has good food (it's why i'm here also). but if you guys don't arrive together, that's not my fault. we're ALL in a hurry. respect the lunchtime line, motherfuckers. unless you want me to point out at the top of my lungs what greedy assholes you're being, step off. wait your fucking turn. —downtownleroybrown

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