I have worked many different types of jobs, most of them based on customer service. I have come across the same thing in at least three of them and I am starting to be more conflicted every time it happens.

Drunk people! I mean why do you get drunk and then go out to shop, or pay bills, and fucking drive! I mean why?? I just served a man who couldn't even fill out paper work and had me do it because he said I would do it faster. The main reason I know he was drunk was because of the smell.. His speech was slurred, he was super slow.. I had to tell him the same thing a few times before he could understand. And all this time I know he drove here.. and when he leaves hes going to get back into his car and drive away drunk.. possibly killing someone on his way home.. could even be my family as the victim because we all live here in halifax.. So what is a girl to do? Stand by and let your customer leave and drive drunk or what?

I also used to get drunk people in my drive through when I worked fast food. Sadly i even knew some of the drunkards coming through which was EMBARRASSING!

But reading the news, keeping up with the times.. and basically getting older and smarter and caused me now to have a huge conflict when I am in this situation. I feel unable to do or say anything without losing a customer for my place of work, with out embarrassing them, without causing myself stress. But they could kill someone.. people please just don't drink and drive! —Sick of people

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