To idiot river

To the 50ish-year-old male driver wearing the royal blue multi-coloured striped golf shirt, driving off the Main Street, Dartmouth Trunk 7 E ramp, merging onto the NS-111 S, Highway of Heros between 8:00pm and 8:15pm Saturday evening, August 17th --before you start waving your fist at me and spewing your road rage expletives, you need to GET A LIFE and LEARN how to enter a Highway from an Exit Ramp. Here’s a tutorial for you: “Highway Exit Ramps 101…'when a car is entering a controlled-access highway, the car on the on-ramp MUST YIELD to any vehicle on the highway.' In the future, you need to, a) shoulder check for oncoming vehicular highway traffic, and either b) speed up to merge ahead of the oncoming vehicular highway traffic, or c) slow down and yield to oncoming vehicular highway traffic. Drivers already driving along the highway have the Right of Way and should maintain speed. It is not my job to predict whether you are going to speed up or slow down. In any event, you managed to find your accelerator when you passed me on my left, swerved toward my car, looked directly at me while shaking your fist and still spewed garbage from your vile mouth. It is not my inclination to engage in your game of CHICKEN! Learn to adhere to the RULES OF THE ROAD, you incompetent effing imbecile! GROW UP and BE ACCOUNTABLE for your SHITTY driving habits, you CREEP! —Sick of Idiot drivers

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