Grocery Store Demo or Buffet

Just writing to say...I work doing demos at a local store. Until now, I would never believe these so called university educated members could be so rude and ignorant! The older I get, the less tolerance I have for these types of people. It's all I can do not to tell them off on a daily basis. They walk up to the table and say, "what do we have here?" Clearly it's roasted almonds...I really feel mlike saying does it look like a lobster supper? And it is a sample, not a buffet. People bring their family of 6 to eat off these demo tables 3 times a week ...and yes its the same people over and over again to come to the demo "buffets" the stackers will put 2 samples in left hand, two samples in their mouth, and two samples in their right hand, then circle around to the other tables and make their rounds working their way to a full belly. As I was growing up, my parents taught me to say please and thank you and to take the one closest to me if offered anything from a tray...whether it be a candy dish at Christmas time or whatever...I cant believe the stackers that reach to the 3rd one in the last row just to get the biggest sample! Are you people for real! Who wants to eat something that your bathroom unwashed hands and nose picking fingers have touched! Shame on you! And what are u teaching your kids? Thank God its only a part time job because if I did this full time, I would have told some people how to use manners and act like a civilized that person that can afford to buy their own groceries. You DISGUST ME! —noneya BUSINESS

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