Hey, friend. You work at a local bar. You're in your early 30s pretending to be 20. You claim not to be "part of that world", yet you drink at said bar after most shifts and hook up with random losers and regulars all the time. You bullshit to your friends about your ways and pretend like everything's great. You're not "like that".

Here's a reality check; You are "like that". You've become exactly what you didn't want to become. Congratulations. Everyone knows you're like that - it's Halifax, the most incestuous bar scene out there. People talk. I've heard them talking about you but didn't have the balls to tell you (because they were right).

But some of us have known you for a while. We know you're not happy, and we know you're stuck in that bottomless low self-esteem pit. You're a great girl but you're losing touch. You're trying to change but you don't have the guts to really do it. There are great people all around you. If you just opened your eyes for once and stopped pretending. There's a whole world outside your empty bottles.

Hoping you find yourself again beautiful girl —Friends don't give up

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