A Girl's Dating Site Bitch

I've been following LTWWB every day for the past two years and I have to say this summer I've really noticed quite a number of dating site bitches written by male OPs.

Well, let me tell you, it's much worse for us women doing online dating. Most of you guys are fucking creeps. Myself and four other women I know have tried it off and on and collectively we've had/met:
-Eight stand ups
-Eleven guys misrepresenting themselves (old/fake photos)
-Six bullshitters, lied about work, interests, hobbies, etc
-One stalking
-Nine cheap or broke ass losers
-One guy who up and left immediately upon seeing one of us and told her she looked worse in person (this girl sent several recent photos of herself)
-Six guys who insisted on having sex the first meeting after we made it clear we don't put out that quickly

Really, how the fuck are women actually finding quality relationships on these sites? 95% of these guys are undateable!

I'm still single, so are three of the four other girls. The fourth one is married now, she met her hubby at her job.

So let this be a lesson for you online daters out there: Get off the damn dating sites! You're wasting your time and money, especially if you're paying for it! The people you meet are not worth their salt! —Online Men Suck

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