Way to clean up the neighbourHOOD!

I live in of the less desirable areas of the city, the one with the "View". All I want is to live my life with quality and dignity. I look out for my own safety and security as well as the other tenants in my building. This past winter my neighbours decided to get in the entrepreneurial spirit and start dealing drugs...Crack and Pot. Along with prostitution. One of the girls is 16. I used a third party agency that provides information to the police. This was back in January. My information was detailed and explicit. The business end of it was and still is very blatant. The Police have done absolutely nothing. Except for leak the tip to the buildingmanager who tips the whorehouse. It's still happening and there are kids living in this area. What a crock of shit! Get something handed to you on a silver platter and you all do FUCK ALL! I guess a free BLOWJOB from a crackwhore is actually better than do something for your community. Make no wonder your solve rate is one of the worst in the country. Lazy Pricks! —Copped Out

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