This is for the condescending bitch of a customer that I had to deal with tonight, and it applies to all of you condescending customers who think it's cool to talk down to someone who is no position to talk back. Fuck you with a rusty pick axe.

So this fuckin uppity french bitch calls me, asks me how to do something, I tell her, and because it wasn't the exact answer she wanted, has the fuckin nerve to ask me "so what do you guys even do over there?"

Well, bitch, to answer your question, lots of things, not the least of which have to take shit from you, Madame Merdeface. We do lots of things. We do a job that you probably couldn't handle for 2 minutes let alone 8 hours a day 5 or days days a week. Just because I couldn't help you in the EXACT way you had hoped, just because I was not physically able to do it for you (I explained the perfectly valid reason why) you felt the need to start to argue and make snooty ignorant comments for the sole purpose of pissing me off. Well mission accomplished, you wrinkled old frog faced pirate whore.

Does it make you fucking pricks feel good to talk shit to a faceless voice on the phone? It's funny, I've worked in retail and you motherfuckers aren't quite so brave when you have to look me in the eye. Go ahead assholes, be rude and condescending, do everything you can to make me feel like shit make it personal, try to ruin my day, two can play that game. —Have some fuckin respect

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