Who do you think you're fooling?!

You need a man. We all know you do. We all know you're in denial. You don't truly like being single. How do we know? For the past year, every now and then, you would make subtle complaints about not having anyone to share your life with.

You tried a dating site once and closed your account after just 2 weeks! After doing that, suddenly, you have this change of heart, claiming you're fine on your own and you'll continue to 'enjoy' the single life. It's obvious that the reason why you shut down that account was because you got discouraged when you didn't have any luck on there, not because you realized you didn't want to date. You bought a couple of sex toys and put on this front of being so happy now. We, as your friends, see through this. A toy can't be a full substitute for the bond you share with a lover, a soulmate. You know this too. After I advised you to try dating online again, you refused and said you're not going to look for anyone and that HE will come along some day. You're 37 years old, you tried the don't-look-and-he'll-poof!-appear-in-my-life routine since you were 19 and...he still hasn't come along...

I'm only writing this because I know you're lonely and you want a great guy to share something with. You need to come to terms with this instead of snapping at those who are trying to help! —A random wife and BFF

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