50 shades of red

To all you woman who have their knickers in a knot over the recent casting of an upcoming blockbuster which is based off of a certain steamy novel GET OVER IT! You want your complete re-enactment?? Then rent/buy/download the porn film that was made months after the books went viral which basically plays out the book scene by scene (for those of you who didn’t know about it….your welcome). I’m telling you right now a main stream blockbuster no matter WHO they cast will not live up to your expectations; plain and simple. Stop trying to make this book into something it’s not! It’s ok ladies it’s a porno in writing….sure it has more “fluff” but let’s be honest you didn't pick it up for the “fluff” did ya? And if it was the "fluff" you enjoyed then by all means sit and wait for your blockbuster......... —XXX

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