Spawn of Satan

You sick, twisted, self entitled, spoiled little shit. You lied about being pregnant, you lied about the fallout from telling your family, and when you got caught, instead of just fessing up like a real human with a soul would have- you lied and said you WERE preggers... last week, but miscarried and didn't know how to tell me so you carried on as if you still were. The fool that I am, I was willing to make a go of things with you for the good of my "child", and actually super stoked about being a dad! You say you did all this to get back at me for "breaking up with you"...we didn't even date. We fucked a few times. You weren't worth effort to date, and when you weren't worth the effort to bang anymore I politely and gently dropped you like a turd mistaken for a chocolate bar. To top it all off you can't even apologize, because you're nothing but a spoiled little rich bitch who's been swinging from her own mothers tit for far too long. You are insane. Karma is real. I see nothing but pain and strife in your future. Good luck. Fuck off and die. —The Lukiest Man in Halifax

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