It's alllll about you!

We had a road trip planned for the past few months and it was supposed to happen this weekend, Friday to Sunday. You, me and our other friend were going--just us gals.

The day before we were to leave, my boyfriend got really sick with the flu and showed no signs of getting better any time soon come Friday. Early that morning, I called the two of you and said I couldn't come since I wanted to take care of my boyfriend. Our other friend was accepting and suggested we go another time because she wanted me to come, she didn't want me to miss out. So she backed out as well and our trip was cancelled. She was reasonable. You...not so much. You flipped out! You told me it was too short of notice and called my boyfriend a pussy, and said he was a grown-ass man who should be able to fend for himself! You fucking bitch, I didn't know he was going to get violently ill right before we were supposed to go away! I wanted to go on this road trip just a much as you did. I just couldn't leave him in that condition all alone. And as far as the pussy comment goes, ummm have you had the flu before? You're practically bed-ridden! Who was gonna get him water? Who was gonna empty his puke bucket? He got out of bed only to take a piss and he could barely move. No friends or family live close by. Even 'grown ass men' shouldn't be left alone in that condition, for fuck sakes! Sure, he would have survived without me, but that's the kind of thing you do for your partner, and I know he would have done that for me.

Now you won't even talk to me. I had a perfectly legit reason for cancelling. You are utterly selfish and maybe I should cut you out of life. —There for my man

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