Call me a Sexist Women if you want...

I just can't stand how women act around this city. I realize that is a huge generality, and that's exactly what it's supposed to be. GENERALLY, women here in Halifax, especially good-looking women act like whorey-morons, or to be a little more offensive and a little more accurate, they are essentially living blow-up dolls suffering from mental retardation... Which gives the normal women, good looking women, like myself, an instantaneous stigma of being a slutty Valley-Girl, air-head gold digger. And are automatically treated as such; groped, touched, sexually harassed often.

These bitches are everywhere! I see them all over Arygye St all nights of the week and watch as they destroy our reputation. Effortlessly it seems. "Oh Ma Gawd Sara! I Totally Saw Your Pussy, you whore!! HAHAHA!" Shouting things like that in public, does not make you look or sound cool, or fun, or smart or anything of ANY virtuous nature. You look easy, and stupid. That’s it.

Why do it, ladies? What's the point in dumbing yourself down if you're capable of having a conversation? I guess I'm being an optimist. Maybe you're not capable of having an intelligent conversation therefore you have to resort to dumb dramatic actions to get that attention you so-CLEARLY and desperately crave.

I'm not saying be a conservative "Mom" type, I'm a stand-up comic, a musician - I drink and have fun just as much as any one person or women - but I definitely don't do stupid pointless shit like mimic face-fucking my girlfriends in the middle of a crowded street in a mini skirt, sloppy drunk, looking for a laugh. Who raised you? Retarded Prostitutes? That's the only way your behaviour would be acceptable.

I'm sure I've offended more than one person in this Bitch but I don't really care. I'm offended everyday those stupid Women think its cute or funny to act like they have brain damage. When a man mimics a dumb girl, or if ANYONE mimics a dumb girl, they always sound the same; "OHMAHGAWD - Like! TOTALLTY!" It's not because they respect you. It’s because you're a loser. Just stop it, read a book... learn to read, then read a book. Take your vocal octave from Valley Girl to a normal tone and grow the fuck up. Act like a lady for fucks sake, you're embarrassing. —Living Proof Hotties Can Be More Than Just That

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