University Church

It is that time of year again. Back on campus, back to the books, and back to having a certain religious group pretend they care. I went to your services, I heard your outreach speeches, and all I can say is your eyes are empty and your compliments mean nothing. You pry on the lonely and emotional students in need. You lure them in with your words of praise. You manipulate their emotions and threaten damnation in hell for not following your ways. After they prove themselves and are established as one of your "leaders" they are under the worst judgement yet, where everything from clothing to style of music is something unworthy or to be shamed. If you make the smallest error in judgement according to their standards they banish and shun you like a sinful piece of garbage they should have never wasted their time on in the first place. Students of Halifax, don't let them trick you. They will manipulate you, use you and then never think of you again. —Just another sinner

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