I just work here..

This goes out to the guy who just lost his temper on me, and everyone else who has done this to people they don't know just because they didn't get the answer that were looking for.

I work at a store, the rules are set out by the owner/managers of this store. I DO NOT MAKE THE RULES! Calling me an ugly whore, a slut, a bitch doesn't make the rules change so you get your way. All it does is throw me into a terrible panic attack (which I have been suffering from for over 6 years), makes me cry, makes me feel bad. You came into my store, told me you can't read or write and I had to help you fill in your paper work.. I did this happily because I enjoy helping people. And although you didn't see me, I tried my best to get you what you wanted but someone above me said no! So in this situation I had two options listen to my boss and get punished by you or listen to you and maybe lose my job for not listening to my boss. Seriously don't put people in this situation. The lady in the store above me came running down the stairs because she heard the screaming and thought someone was being attacked.. she saw you leave the drive way still screaming at me even though I have no way of hearing you from inside my store. And lastly why did you bend over, rub your paper work on your ass and then turn around to grab your crouch? What was that supposed to prove?

At the very least I learned a lesson tonight, next time one of you pieces of shit blows up on me again.. I'm giving you one warning and then calling the cops. I only have time for good people. —hate people like you

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