Keep your garbage outta my green bin!

What possesses people (?) to throw garbage, doggy doo and whatever else wrapped in plastic inside my green bin? I put it out to empty it frequently, so when this happens (like, once a freaking month!) I have to lean all the way into a nasty, smelly, fly-filled, deep bin to retrieve the stuff that *doesn't belong there and isn't mine* so that it gets collected next time. Thanks, you lazy asshat. So lazy you can't even open the lid on the garbage bin RIGHT NEXT TO the green bin! So lazy you live in this city and don't even know that GREEN BINS ARE NOT FOR PLASTIC GARBAGE, they are for organics only! So lazy you can't carry your own doggy's plastic wrapped doo home to your own place to get rid of it, you have to use mine! Who are you, what planet do you come from, and why are you such an asshat? —Wondering WTF

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