mind yer own bees-wax, ya weirdo

To the mysterious person who left me a "helpful" note (somehow without anyone at the table seeing you) listing several parenting websites I might want to consult to help "make my life and my son's life better." You judgemental prick! Although I felt offended, I checked out the websites to give you the benefit of the doubt. It's all shit I'm already doing! Had you been PROPERLY eavesdropping on the interaction between my son and I, you would have heard me saying to him in a calm, level voice while looking him in the eye, "I am putting you in timeout for 3 minutes because you were yelling at me, kicking me, and scratching me. This behaviour is unacceptable." I think that I was being both peaceful and philosophical as a parent. Now, allow me to judge YOU based on this snapshot moment of YOUR actions: you are arrogant. you feel you know best and know more than others. Having 3 year olds near you makes you uncomfortable. you don't have life experience with children OR parenting. You can't stop yourself from interfering in other people's business. You think you are the only one with access to google searches. You are a douche-bag. —ahhh. I feel soooo much more peaceful after calling you a douchebag

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