why do halgonians stare so much

Why do Halgonians stare so much

I’m sure your wondering why the title of this story and what is it’s significance. Here is my reason for this whole beef I have.

I was born and raised in Nfld and have lived away for more than 20 years in different parts of Canada and also lived in Halifax 15 years ago but moved to Toronto. Now I just moved back to Halifax over a year ago because I wanted to be back where folks are friendly, show great hospitality and most of all being close to the Atlantic ocean.

I know growing up in Nfld and being a part of the East Coast culture we are all view by the world as the most friendliness people on earth.

I have always heard people when living away ask me where I am from and I’d say the East Coast and instantly they respond with such excitement.

Let’s get to my issue with regards to my letter and that is when I moved back I was in awe how much things have changed in regards to how people are here. I have found that people are not friendly anymore, they are most ignorant and in my case as I am walking down any street or being downtown people stare too much at me as if I had ten heads. What is their problem? I’m not wearing anything odd and I’m not a famous celebrity, so it baffles me to see this. For instance, I had been walking along herring cove road just from shopping and just about every person in a car are looking so intently at me as if I am from a different planet. To make matters worse I had a few people in cars whip their heads so fast my way they almost swerve of the street. This is sad to see that people are willing to risk their lives and others driving just so that they feel the need to be rude and look at someone walking up the street. I find it hilarious because at least when I lived in Toronto for the last 15 years people there don’t pay attention to you. They have more important things going on and if you want to feel invisible that is the place to live. For me being invisible to anyone in Toronto was the best feeling in the world.

For those who are reading this and feel this is not who you are please remove yourself from this equation. This does not reflect Nova Scotians as a whole but for a small percentage of people who feel the need to make it their daily ritual to stare so much at somebody it causes them to have a whiplash. —let me be invisible please

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