Your freedom had to be earned, you know ?

Last night (Fri Sept 13) I watched groups of students from SMU and DAL roaming the streets, yelling, fighting, swearing and stumbling around in drunken states on Robie street.

Through the evening the groups continued to roam up and down and they got louder and louder as the night wore on. Nothing new, but still upsetting. I heard there was an outdoor event at Dal last night and another tonight. Still nothing new, but nerve wracking.

This kind of thing is very unpleasant but it's something I've learned to endure with much anxiety as there is usually some kind of vandalism that goes along with it. Well, I finally went to bed at 12:30am Sat and was awakened at approx. 1:00 am by a really loud BOOM !

I listened for a few seconds and heard young male voices saying "Holy SH&%" while laughing and running.

I went to my window and saw nothing.

This morning I found that a large rock was pried from the old retaining wall near the driveway and was thrown through the back window of my Dad's "new to him" (3 months) car !!

My Dad is 93 and a decorated WWII vet.

I had to ring my Dad's doorbell and ask him to come out to see what had been done through the night.

I'll never forget the look on his face as he looked down at his car with the back window absolutely obliterated and a large boulder sitting in his hatchback !

I have been so upset since this happened and I'd give ANYTHING to have the names of these individuals who use their freedom and privledge of living in this wonderful country to do this to a man who fought and almost died for this country.

I live in my family home with my 93 yr old Dad and my 92 yr old Mom.

I'm sickened by this kind of spoiled and thankless youth that we have in this world today. I know it's not all students but I've seen and heard my share of this kind of thing.

Over the years we've lost lawn furniture, had things thrown through house windows, had railing ripped off stairs and left in the middle of the street and on and on and on.....

My Dad will pay for repairs through his insurance but man oh man...if I knew who these ingrates were and who raised them, it would be a different story indeed ! I sure hope they are proud of's almost laughable.... ALMOST !

Do they think it takes skill or intelligence to do this ?

Do they care ?

Of course not.

Drunk and seeking peer praise. That's what this is all about !Pathetic COWARDS, that's what they are ! —Susan

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