DO ME a favour and look at your ads

When I leave work to go home, I catch the bus at the corner of Spring Garden and Summer, by the Public Gardens. For the last few weeks there has been the 'DO ME a favour' ad on the bus stop shelter. I am not the target market, but I get it (and the 'TAKE your hands off ME' ad). Recently, there is a new ad, advertising a line of clothing an upscale Spring Garden store. The woman in the ad is pretty scantily clad - a lace bra that doesn't leave too much to the imagination, leather pants, neck choke collar and suspenders suggestive of SandM. So I ask you. How are we ever going to make a difference with 'DO ME, TAKE ME, don't be that guy' campaigns when the very next ad in that space is a woman who most definitely looks like she is saying DO ME, etc? The store is owned by four well educated professional women who I would have hoped could look at other ways to sell their clothing. That ad does not speak to me - a professional woman with a certain amount of disposable income who is not now less inclined to spend it at that store. They can do better, we can all do better and we must for girls and young women. —Concerned professional woman

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