Have some self respect!!

Dear club goers,

Please wear proper clothing when going downtown! Dressing like a prositute is not classy in any shape, way or form. Wearing shorts or a skirt that barely covers your ass cheeks and in some case does not at all, is very trashy. Wearing a belly top is whorish and if you have a huge gutt then it is just plain wrong. Show some self respect ladies! If you are going out to meet someone and it's fairly obvious you are trying to "dress to impress," then you are sending out the wrong message intirely. Unless of course you are looking for a one night hook-up. Anyone dressed like a stripper is not very likely going to find a good quality partner, if you are not leaving anything to the imagination.

When walking downtown at night lately it feels like I am walking through a giant strip club with the way the women are dressed. Stumbling down the street half naked it not attractive and it is only going to attract the wrong kind of attention! There is such a thing as dressing sexy without being half naked or looking like a porn star!

If it is freezing cold outside and you are wearing a mini-skirt and tube top, you just look silly. I feel sorry for you and your cold body. Although, perhaps your intoxication will help to warm your body which is just sad in itself.

If you bend over and your ass crack or thong is hanging out, please do us all a favor and wear proper undergarmets to avoid un-nessecary exposure. It is just plain nasty and very un-classy! No one needs to see that.

If your going to wear a completely see through shirt and just a bra underneath you just look one thing and that is..trashy! Would you leave the house in just a bra? Same difference. If someone is hitting on you when you are dressed like that, my guess is its only, because you look like your practically giving it away.

One last thing, please DO NOT post pictures of yourself on any social media's: drinking, drunk or not properly clothed! It is just asking for preators and pervs. Your chances of finding and maintaining employment, will most likely suffer from this. Employer's do check these things and seeing pictures of you half nude and/or in-toxicated, is not going to win any brownie points!! —Discusted Citizen

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