You suck as a dad!

I saw you in line at a coffee place with your kid waiting to be served. Your toddler wondered off and you didn't even notice. He started running away while you were glued to your phone. I was worried this child was going to get snatched up by the wrong person. So I approached him, held his hand and led him in your direction. As we were approaching you, the kid starts to cry and pull away from me as I was quietly saying 'it's ok, it's ok.' Finally you notice. What do you do?? You got up in my face yelling 'What the fuck did you do to him! You bitch! Don't fucking touch him!'

I tried to explain what happened but you continued to yell in my face and then you threatened to punch me in the mouth?!

I said 'Keep an better fucking eye on your child next time, asshole!' and walked away. You continued to yell 'Get back here, bitch, I ain't done with you!'

This is what I get for doing a good deed? A pathetic excuse for a father screaming in my face and threatening me? Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with the world and why hasn't child services taken this kid away from this degenerate?! —Innocent woman trying to help

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