Who wins - you or the car

Cars weigh on average 2700 lbs. Humans weight approximately 120 - 190 lbs. Whether or not you have the right of way when you cross the street, the car will always win if the two collide. So, pedestrians, don't jump out in front of my very heavy vehicle. Don't be that person who ruins your life and the lives of so many others. And, car drivers, please be careful - you don't want your lives ruined either. Put away the phones, put on your seatbelt, pay attention to crosswalks and please please please pay attention to four way stops. I installed a camera in my car because so many people just walk out in the middle of the road with the assumption that the driver will always see you and we will stop. And, cars just ignore four way stops. You may not care for your live but I'm protecting mine from anyone who decides they want to take on my car. Be smart please. —A careful driver who follows the rules of the road

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