Don't expect to pay less just 'cause you make less

You were going to come on a trip to New York with me, my boyfriend and another couple. You're single but you had no issue coming on the trip with two couples because you really want to visit New York, and we wanted you to come. We booked a 3-bedroom suite and decided to split the cost 3 ways. My boyfriend and I pay 1/3, the other couple pays 1/3 and you pay 1/3. You got pissed off and said it should be split 5 ways because you're essentially paying more than the rest of us. Yes, but we told you that the hotel may cost you more since you're coming on this trip without a partner and you agreed to still come. Why should the rest of us help pay for YOUR room?

Your argument was: I'm only making 30K! The rest of you make 60-90K each! I make the least amount of money out of the five of us! Why should I have to pay more than all you guys who make a lot more than me, just because I'm coming on this trip alone! That's not fucking fair! What kind of friends are you!

Then you demanded that if you pay 1/3 rather than 1/5, that we buy you dinner or drinks! Could you be more entitled? It's not our fault that you're single and make less money. If you couldn't afford to go on this trip, then you shouldn't have agreed to go in the first place.

When we refused to buy you dinner/drinks and still went the 3-way deal, you backed out at the last minute and decided not to come. The suite was booked and there were no more 2-bedrooms available by that time, so we ended up still paying for the 3-bedroom we didn't need.

Then you proceeded to tell everyone who knows us what cheap cunts we all are! Ummm, YOU are the one who is cheap and YOU are the shitty friend. You can't expect people to help pay your way just because you don't have a really good job or a boyfriend. After this fiasco you caused, it's quite obvious now as to why you DON'T have a man. —Better off without ya

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