You should start caring what people think

I understand you have to be your own person, but you take this (not giving a shit what others think) a little too far. Do you realize you're being laughed at? Do you realize not many people like or respect you? You let loose and say whatever, and when people judge you for it you say, "If they don't accept the way I am, I don't give a fuck, they're not worth impressing." These aren't hateful, nasty snobs who make fun of anything that moves--they're nice, classy, respectable individuals who could be friends of yours if you weren't so damn tacky! IMO, they are worth it. The other night, we were at a party, you got so wasted you passed out on the couch. One of your nipples were showing, and people were talking. When I brought this to your attention the next day, you laughed it off and said "Oops!", not a care in the world. Have you no respect for yourself? You have to have some restraint, some inhibition! You're missing out on relationships with some really great people because of your extreme open book-like behavior. You say you don't give a fuck about anyone who doesn't care for you, but yet bitch when I get invited to more things than you do. Hello! You're bringing this on yourself! —Socially gifted friend of a tacky, classless girl

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