Pain Management

There is no doubt that the narcotic medications work on acute and chronic pain for patients who need them. Then the drugs started getting the limelight. People who were prescribed them and misused the drugs causing them to become "addicted" ... or they were dispensed and the people sold them illegally on the street, or they were stolen from patients and sold on the street and the list goes on. Doctors had their knuckles rapped and some even lost their jobs over the misuse and over prescribing of these narcotic drugs. The problem now... people who can really benefit from the use of narcotic pain medications are denied them because many doctors refuse to prescribe them. Even people with no history of drug or alcohol abuse and with lengthy histories of chronic pain who have tried many types of medication without relief or limited relief can not get narcotic type of drug (even to try). If the drugs are taken AS PRESCRIBED under the care and watchful eye of a physician, patients would be no more addicted to them than people with depression who need anti depressants for life or to a diabetic needing insulin or a person suffering with another type of chronic ailment needing medication that can help them with their quality of life. The people who abused the drugs have had a serious impact on people who can benefit from the drugs. Because of the abusers, people with legitimate pain issues find it impossible or near impossible to get prescribed a narcotic medication that will work on their pain. Unless they can find the drugs on the street and buy them illegally... they are left suffering. This is truly wrong. The narcotic drugs are relatively inexpensive to purchase at the pharmacy compared to other pain medications that have varying degrees of success in the treatment of pain... AND the other drugs are always more expensive. Thanks to the drug addicts that ruined it for people with genuine pain problems. This situation needs to be addressed and doctors need to really start addressing the problem of pain management and help people with legitimate, documented chronic pain. —Suffering Daily

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