Flightless Property

To a certain former landlord of mine who thinks his shit don't stink: Fuck you. I don't know what planet you live on, but every other past tenant of yours I know (at least 6) has told me you have been the absolute worst landlord ever. Each one has their long list of complaints about you. E.g. Avoiding calls when someone wants their damage deposit back... typical. How are you ever supposed to get next year's rent cheques when you never answer your goddamn phone or voicemails? You clearly just want to raise my friend's rent because you keep forgetting to, and this is the path of least resistance. Bringing someone straight to a board hearing with no mediation, when you are CLEARLY in the wrong, is not very fucking classy. O, and way to hightail out of the parking lot like the fucking coward you are. I hope the owner of the building follows my current landlord and sends your ass to the curb. You have waaaay to many properties to manage and while you say you care about your clients, you don't give two SHITS about your tenants. I know karma will finally kick you in the ass one of these days, you smug bastard. Good luck with filling the rest of your apartments... hopefully the rats will finally take over because you never deal with any issue. Property owners and future tenants, beware! —You are the shitiest landlord EVER

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