Pedestrians... drivers... Halifax has the worst...

Alright, I am sending in this bitch complaint to all of those pedestrians out there that think they rule the road, what the fuck. You keep complaining that the people don't stop for you when you are trying to cross the road, how about when you get to a crosswalk, make EYE CONTACT before you cross... or maybe HIT THE BUTTON that is available to you that makes you more noticeable. If you are a one of those lovely j-walkers, LOOK before you just float onto the road... I almost hit a couple people that didn't look and walked right onto the road without hesitation and then gave me a look and yelled at me... What the hell people? I weight 1400lbs... you weight 130 on a rainy day. Drivers, stop sucking and use your blinker/indicator so we know what way you are going... for the upcoming winter season, how about you fucking clean off the roof of your car??? Did you know you can get ticketed for it? It is a hazard, and if a nice gust of wind hits your car, that will fly off and make the person behind you swerve and potentially cause an accident. Also... downtown speed limits are 50 km/h not fucking 15-20... fucking tourists... —Person On A Rage....

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