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I wrote a bitch a week ago about the issues with obtaining pain medication for very valid reasons. Then today I go to the pharmacist and ask her... a 25 yr veteran of the front line drug dispensing business and asked her... "I know this is a touchy subject but why is it so hard to get a prescription for narcotic drugs that work on pain? They are less expensive than other clases of drugs, work better, and If used properly as prescribed, there should be a very slim risk of becoming an addict and or abusing the medication." She blew my mind with the best answer ever! She says "EVERYBODY WHO TAKES THEM DOES NOT TAKE THEM AS PRESCRIBED. I been in this business for 25 years and I have dispensed millions of pills. Most people on whatever prescription they have... are always late for picking theirs up, forget to see the Dr. for refils, firget to phone it in and so on and so forth. HOWEVER... EVERYBODY who is on narcotic type drugs are ALWAYS ON TIME! To the exact day!!! They never ever miss. They are lined up like cowboys at a chuck wagon for dinner." And that answered my question. Great answer by the way from a really great pharmacist. Thanks. I will keep it in mind and pass that along when people discuss the topic. —Narcoticless... still painful... more edjucated

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